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Grain steaming

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Installation of heat treatment is applied to receiving quick-cooking buckwheat and oat grain (steam generator) for which fuel uses a buckwheat peel. Energy consumption makes 1 kW on 100 kg of the processed product. For comparison: the hydroheat treatment of grain of krupyany cultures of similar productivity working on standard technology consumes 65 kW on 100 kg of the processed product.
Grain is filled up in a reception branch pipe of the conveyor where water at the rate of 150-200 l on ton is also pumped. The conveyor, mixing grain with water, gives it to the bunker where there is an otlezhka. From the bunker the moistened grain comes to the thermofurnaces which are previously warmed.
In furnaces grain is steamed with an atmospheric pressure and temperature 95 C as a result of evaporation of internal moisture that excludes formation of melanoidid and a musty smell. This mode raises food and flavoring characteristics of grain. Temperature is maintained in furnaces due to burning of a peel of a buckwheat or any other organic raw materials.
After heat treatment and cooling grain is ready for a peeling (additional drying is not required). As a result of last biochemical processes the peel becomes fragile, and a kernel stronger therefore in the course of a peeling an exit of a sechka of only 3-5% of grain lump.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 20.09.2018

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