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About enterprise Nikolaevselproekt, OOO

We let out the universal krupyany UKR-2 lines (a kruporushka, krupotsekh, krupozavod): the equipment for production of grain and flakes from wheat, buckwheats, millet, barley, corn, peas, oats, rice, soy.
For receiving the range of grain it is not required to get separately lines any more:
krupozavod for production of grain from grain crops, a krupotsekh on processing of a buckwheat, a kruporushka for processing of rice, the equipment on processing of oats, installation for processing of millet and peas on halves. All this can be solved on the universal krupyany equipment UKR-2. Feature of a design of the new modern equipment it: energy saving technologies, universality, flexibility and an opportunity to increase productivity from pass kruporushka to krupyany plant. Modular kruporushka of UKR-2 with success are used at the grain processing enterprises, farms and at business owners. Universality is reached due to use of two different methods of processing on a valtsevy agregate:-1-y method with metal rolls - cutting of grain with the minimum friction (a zernodrobilka, a grain grinder); - the 2nd method with rubber rolls - a grain peeling with the maximum strictly dosed use of friction (a grain rushka). Base for all options is the main module - a kruporushka, additional modules it: installation of heat treatment - the steam generator, the grinder, the plyushchilny unit for receiving flakes, etc. Productivity is from 0,3 to 3 t/hour (a kruporushka, krupyany shop, krupyany plant). And one more original energy saving nuance: when steaming a buckwheat as fuel its peel is used, and energy consumption makes 1 kW on 100 kg of the processed grain. For comparison: the hydroheat treatment of grain of krupyany cultures of similar productivity working on standard technology consumes 65 kW on 100 kg of the processed product.
Payback of krupyany complexes taking into account all expenses from 5 to 9 months during the work in two changes.
The Krupyany UKR-2 lines have 100% assembly readiness.
It is certified in Russia and Ukraine.
Guarantee 1 year.
We carry out guarantee, post warranty maintenance, commissioning, training of personnel, an equipment binding to rooms of the customer, calculation of profitability and drawing up the business plan of production of grain.
Acquaintance with the principle of work of the universal equipment and training in krupyany production at the grain processing enterprise (the line for production of grain from grain crops) on processing of grain in Nikolaev (Selproyekt territory).


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